Crunch & Stew


Dang.  The spring break week is almost up, and I am now into full swing in the studio and do NOT want to stop.  Monday, bright and early, brings critique week, which now means four days, 10 hours each in crit, with a dinner break in there somewhere; they’ll be 13 to 14 hour days with my commute. It’ll be beyond grueling. My opinions about the reasons behind this are strong and I’d have to say, um, uncharitable, so I’ll withhold them.


I finished up the juror stuff, wrote my statement, filled out paperwork, wrote things for upcoming events, took care of tons of daily work e-mail (even though it’s break), finished a making a gift, partied with a group of friends for two of our number who are emigrating to New Zealand, sketched and entirely changed my plans for the new piece, prepared the fiber, made the sheets, cooked the kozo, figured out and built the new mold, then stopped today and spent four hours at the alumni show/ Southern Graphics conference (seven hours round trip), missed hooking up with several people I’d planned to meet there but ran into a great many more, and just got home at 10 pm to eat, make walnut dye and blog while the dye simmers.


The things I need to do in the next few weeks are legion; they include packing up and shipping off work for two shows, and tons of stuff I didn’t get to, including taxes.  Sheesh.

But all day tomorrow is an absolutely inviolable studio day, though, so even though the writing sounds panicked, I’m actually not: I have that, and only…seven…more…weeks.


2 thoughts on “Crunch & Stew

  1. In my own inability to figure out what day/week/month/year it is, for a moment I thought it was time for you to be upstate at WSW. But 7 weeks! Sounds both long and short. ENJOY the last wee bits of break before the grind begins again.

  2. wow – i love that last foto of the bird on a wire and the airplane in the sky.

    being back in the u.s.s i find i DO NOT LIKE IT HERE.

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