Work in progress by Erin Cramer (image used with permission of the artist)

The grueling crit week is over, and, well, it was much worse than I expected.  I didn’t make it to my final session (6-10pm last night) due to the onset of the second severe, searing, blinding, pounding headache of the final two crit days (Wednesday night’s didn’t set in until near the end of the evening session). The drive home was excruciating.  I gave it my best for three 14 hour days and one 7 ½ hour one, but couldn’t make it through. 

Since the school has just recently provided me with a laptop, I watched and listened (as well as I could) to the student presentations, and then while the often horrendously noisy discussions took place underneath harsh, glaring overhead fluorescent lights, I typed out my responses to each body of work and immediately e-mailed them off to each student.

 Just for the hell of it, I did a word count: I averaged 3200 words per day. I looked up the National Novel-Writing Month goal; it’s 50,000 words.  If I could do what I did for students for my own writing in a 30-day period, I’d have 96,000 words to go back and edit.  But my hands would surely drop off at the wrists, or my arms at the shoulders: I’m freakin’ sore.  I can notice that now that the headache is down to a dull roar today.  So that’s the end of this Blahg (and any writer-like aspirations).