rolling boil, covered

kzI’m a dull blahg-er. I’m all work and no play whatsoever; at home I’m racing against time to finish a new piece and hammer out a show that needs to be shipped out at the same time as the new piece; also to finish taxes enough to file yet another extension, and to slip out a few apps right before their deadlines.  During the bulk of my week, when I’m at work and/ or working at home for work, forget it;  insanity. .

 Right now, too, I’m not able to  write about the near future as well as not acknowledging 90% of the present; I’m needing to keep too many lids on too much stuff.  However, I did get a lovely third residency, (woohoo!  It’s one I’ve been waiting for, and if the tentative schedule works out, its timing will be ideal), and the semester is over in six weeks.