…and for what?


I am SO tired.  I am beyond exhausted.  The week was unbelievably full of jump-in-the-shower-and-barrel-down-the-freeway crises. I’ve had no weekend at all this weekend; yesterday, instead of finally taking care of piled-up monumental deadlined paperwork (for work), and (for my own life) trying to get details nailed down in time for a catalog publication deadline,  finishing a piece for one show, and packing up another show which each have the same due date, I ended up painting frickin’ walls.  A lot of them.

This is no way to live.


For those of you who’d like a more hopeful view of the world (and I sincerely hope you do) than I am going to be able to provide during these final four weeks, this is my current, favorite, I-wish-I-had-done-that project (brought to you via Facebook).  You’d need a better worldview than I have at the moment to think of it, though.