New Pros, Old Pros, No Quid Pro Quo.


(installation detail, by Amy Jacobs)

The first all-at-once, all-department thesis exhibition opened yesterday at the-college-which-must-not-be-named.  It…is…EXCELLENT.

Congratulations, Grads!!!

I was supposedly the show’s coordinator, but truthfully, I was its co-coordinator, and I profoundly thank my media-colleague-who-also-must-not-be-named for pitching in and sharing the stupendous workload equally. I could not have done it without her, nor without several absolutely generous staff folks. I have been told that blogging about my job is ‘unprofessional’; but my blog is about my life, and I can assure you this exhibition was my life for the past two weeks. I so wish I could publicly thank you all.

I have my own firm ideas about what professionalism entails, and I will tell you freely that my definition emphatically includes the dedication it takes to pull off an unprecedented event, particularly when doing so resembles building a multifaceted glass skyscraper on a foundation of quicksand.  This took a village of professionals, including the grad artists themselves, their advisors, and the folks I mentioned by not mentioning, above.  You are all pros.

Now, after shepherding a number of exhausted, sleep-deprived people through inevitable pitfalls and setbacks, instead of resting, I must push myself to meet my own dual, same-day show deadlines. I need a me!

While I’m doing that, if you are in Chicago, here is an excellent exhibition I have recently seen during my leisure time: I recommend it MOST highly! 


(Zeke, one of the Hairy Yaks, by Erin Cramer)


Watching the world move by in the quiet moments before the opening; three more weeks, and I’m on that road.

4 thoughts on “New Pros, Old Pros, No Quid Pro Quo.

  1. HOORAY!!!! that’s fantastic. it certainly DOES take a village, but it takes a village of people like you…they might not realize that until you’re gone. but i can’t wait until you hit the road! whee!!

  2. The thesis exhibition looks terrific — and whether you want to claim fame/responsibility/whatever or not.

    Amy’s work is a fine example of what you drive others (students, other artists, anyone else whose work you influence) to achieve.

    Don’t forget that.

  3. Well, thanks (a lot) but no, I really can’t and don’t take credit for anyone else’s work. Even in the case of my advisees, who I’m working most closely with, I can’t do that. I’m more like an art midwife, standing there saying, “Push! Stop and breathe. Push!”

  4. I had this mad flashback to “Gone With The Wind” and Butterfly McQueen’s immortal “I don’t know nothin’ ’bout birthing no babies….”

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