10pm Friday finally ended weeks and weeks of all-out labor.  After the insanity of working with one big show, which delayed everything I needed to do for two of my own, I got to work. Had a schedule.  But, still: unbelievable random oddity inserted itself, like malfunctioning hearing aids and yet even more ill-willed crap and extra hours and hours spent dealing with both. Somehow, though, I reached a new level of patience, and a new hard cold level of determination, and pushed on through it all, though with very little sleep at the end. 

Yesterday was a huge THUD. Today is, incredibly, a sunny day I will spend un-neglecting my poor gardens, something I can hardly believe.  And the homestretch is finally here; just twelve more days.


Where I was last May and am, in spirit, now.

Links to shows: The Women’s Studio Workshop listing should read NEA Paper Residency, not (ha!) Ceramics, and I’m quoted in the Marking Time writeup (from my juror’s essay, also written while sleep-deprived).