It’s OVER.  Finished, finito, terminado: all except the shouting, which will hopefully be kept to a minimum, but who cares if it’s not?  Maybe some shouting is in order, eh?

Sun’s out, my part of the planet is in bloom, and the beginning is here!

Today, I’m shouting, “WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!” for the 2009 grads and myself!


4 thoughts on “Beginning!

  1. a big WOHOOOOO!!!! from here!!!!!!!

    and what good timing. the sun just came out after dreary, grey, rainy, windy, ominous weather. i feel like everything bad is being swept away again (it will build up again, but for now it’s gone).

    i was JUST telling a friend who graduated from med school on friday abut my grad school graduation ceremony and how you were so wise to tell us to march on in, and then RIGHT out, and how good you were at your escape!

    this is the last one! i say a whole hella lot of shouting is in order!!

  2. Hallelujah! And now, a busy summer creating art.

    We had a lovely two days of a long weekend (it’s a holiday here today), but now temperatures are hovering around freezing and there’s mixed rain and snow. Good thing our plants are still inside….

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