Here’s how the political maneuvering (that began at least two, maybe three years ago, cranked into high gear last year, and went into overdrive this year)  played out: yesterday, I Got Fired.

It was, strangely, both unsurprising yet still unbelievable.

I’ve never, ever been Fired before, from anything for any reason, except for a brief blip in my early 20s, when I was fired  (after a shouting match) from a screen printing company and re-hired (with an apology) three days later.  I have Quit (many times), and I have Not Been Hired, but this is new.  So now, while still moving full-tilt towards my great summer, I need to find out how one applies for unemployment, how long the health insurance will or won’t last,  and the like.

The oddest and most surprising thing about it is that I woke (after pleasant, scented dreams of Eilean Leodhais) incredibly feeling a wee bit sorry for those who fired me. And yesterday, on my way out the door, I actually said to the fire-er, “Well, good luck to you, then.”  (She replied, “Bring back the computer.”)

Already, I’m getting tons of support (thank you!) and I’m feeling fine: much, much lighter, and very glad the whole absurd, unnecessary, grueling scenario is finally over.  In the end, in a manner of speaking, it all boils down to just a wee bit of a bitch, or a tiny prick, or an insignificant little Jab…or maybe all three.


A gift from one of my first great teachers, long ago, who got fired during a political takeover.  That entire school closed down,  shortly thereafter. “Graduation Ceremony, Lecture #?”  by Reed Alan Thomason, 1976 




5 thoughts on “Anticlimax

  1. omg. that is ridiculous. now it’s very clear what kind of sandbox you were trapped in. but i can relate to the feeling sorry for the fire-ers, and am glad you are doing okay. what a soap opera!

  2. There was a recent article in our newspaper that talked about people who were let go because of the recession and how employees reacted to the pink slips.

    The crux of all of it was basically, “Ask yourself ‘how do I feel?’ If the answer is ‘relieved,’ you probably should have left ages ago anyway.”

    While your firing wasn’t recession-related, it was clear that the time to, as we say here out here in the soi-disant Wild West, “move along, little doggie, move along” had come.

  3. i feel sorry for the students..but you’ll be popping up somewhere else…in a happier place

    when ian was small i would take him to museums (he dug picasso, the animatronic dinosaurs, not so much) but a special trip was to lakewood to show him Reed’s mural. he was enchanted with that one

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