Catapult thru Catskills


I’m here in Rosendale, NY.  I was supposed to get in on Memorial Day, but getting fired too close to the holiday put a damper on that; too much to do before businesses closed when I should have been packing. Not to mention dealing with some delayed reactions, my own and others’.

So I packed all day M-day, got a few hours of sleep, left early Tuesday morning, stopped in Cleveland for a couple-hour late lunch break with my dear old friend Sin De (who wouldn’t let me take her out but fed me great leftover M-day party cookout food) and then drove late into the dark rainy night.  (Unintentionally a couple hours later than I had planned; I took a new route through NY state (which will forevermore be my favorite) and suddenly, after I shunted past the biggest town, there were no motels to be found; the road before the town was littered with them). Finally a clean little mom & pop place appeared just after midnight, where mom & pop were still awake to check me in, slept a few hours, and got here at about 10:30 am.  Have met people, unloaded, met more people, semi-unpacked (I move to a different home in three days for the rest of my time here), met more people, figured out the internet situation, written an online letter of reference that was waiting for me when I did (still!), gone food shopping, took a walk, and put some unbleached abaca to soak for beating tomorrow.

Now, dinner, a book for a bit, and more than a few hours of sleep. I’m so glad to be here. The future’s now.