Well, that was fast…


I’m deep into the studio, into my work, making manifest something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and it’s going slow but well (it always goes slower than I’d like, but then it’s my attention to detail that causes that, and is worth it). 

I’ve had some excellent conversations, getting others’ perspectives on the situation in a micro-and macro sense; unbidden support (some even international) continues to pour in, some of it from surprising, unexpected sources…and I’ve even had a couple of offers.  Healing may be quicker than I thought, as quick as my body usually bounces back from trauma (and is now, as without much conscious effort, I begin to shed the insulating weight I had put on during it all).

There may be other bits of backlash, or unforeseen obstacles down the road, but right now, I’m in my element, and even the most ridiculous news from afar just rolls off, as I realize: It Is Not My Problem any longer; another, even greater weight shed.


I’m thinking of Marilyn Sward daily…every time I tip a bucket of water into the great floor drains (she loved, loved, loved floor drains), I feel her smiling; every time I share a meal, or freely give or receive a bit of knowledge, it seems as if she is here (and she was here, during her time on the planet).

Now, I’m off on the obligatory residency Home Depot run…here’s a nice & kinda funny review that came in earlier this week.  I am both ‘unidentified artists’ at the end !  And, in another show, I also rather like being ‘borderline creepy’.



a gift that appeared next to the first prototype, and, though I don’t usually post work-in-progress, here is that prototype: