Dyed kozo, flax and abaca

I am bad at the blahgin’ right now, mostly because I’m so, so utterly absorbed here, so here are random images.  Tonight is unique in that I reached a natural stopping point and came up to the apartment at 11:30.  Most nights, it’s been well after 1 am., sometimes 3 am, but today flowed so well I had forgotten to eat dinner; just did that.


The fiber stove on a roofed side porch outside the paper studio.


My two residency-mates, who were printing when I arrived, are now just finishing the sewing marathon stages of their editions, soon to be replaced with cover-printing and binding marathons, and I am all fiber-y, wet-footed, building and thoroughly happy, looking forward to my soon upcoming times of color (my dye order arrived today) and bandsaw and assembly.  I have three pieces going, currently, and little experiments here and there.


Chris and Amanda begin sewing Amanda’s edition…


…Amanda’s edition a day later.


Abby’s edition of 35.

And even when I am not in the studio, things are flowing, flowing, flowing towards me. For instance, three shows came in, in as many days, and another enormous possibility to have along-held dream realized, and more, more, more support. I keep thinking of Aimee’s “abundance is real.” It is, for me right now, incredibly so.  It’s wonderful, it’s the golden time, the flourishing.



3 thoughts on “Flourish

  1. YAY. that is the best kind of news to hear. it sounds, and looks, delicious and wonderful! just this morning i was watching something about flow. i’m glad it’s flowing your way.

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