Once again, someone I love has passed from the planet while I am on a residency: Paul’s mom, Barbara.  She was in her 80’s and had been having sad difficulties since January.  She left along with Michael Jackson, the same day, which made checking e-mail, waiting for news about her, a bit more surreal than it already felt. Her memorial service was organized swiftly, and it was today (Sunday), and I am still here…even if I had packed up and left WSW a week early, as soon as we learned of the service, I would not have been able to make it back in time, driving. Paul talked me out of flying in; it would have been a 24 hour turnaround only to come back and pack up and drive back home.  So, here I am in that same strange place, mourning her alone, trying to honor her for myself and to send my comfort out to Paul, to the family, in some ephemeral way. She was a lovely, funny, petite, but enormously strong lady, and though we will all miss her greatly, I am grateful that she is at peace.

from rock

When Barb took a turn for the worse and I was waiting for news and expecting that I would leave momentarily, in a rather dazed marathon, I finished the big piece. But now that I finally see it installed on a wall (rather than bending over it, or looking down from the ladder), it needs a bit more work. There are also additions yet to come; it’s just a central grouping I worked on (and figured out how to make) here.  It’s an adjustable configuration, currently just under ten feet wide. I worked a little too single-mindedly, though, and threw my lower back out. Badly. One hip is painfully higher than the other. I’m heating it and stretching, but I may need to find a chiropractor. I doubt if I will make anything else new, and I will leave a little early to be with Paul. I’ll spend the rest of my time here prepping for the following residencies; beating fiber, making sheets, using the bandsaw, just busy-ness and practicality. That will suit my current limitations, emotional and physical.


3 thoughts on “Adjustment

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Barbara and that you are far from your loved ones. Also sorry to hear about your body; I hope you’re able to take care of yourself before you hit the road again.

    Big love; my thoughts are with you and Paul.

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