(little green fungus gift from Tana)

Well, it’s done; the car is completely loaded and I am sooo tired; just a bit of apartment cleaning, then a long shower and packing my backpack with the computer and a few things left out for an overnight stay (either in Cleveland, or more likely, a motel closer to Chicago, to beat the returning-home-hordes after the holiday weekend. Yes, I am on the road on July 4th).



I loved it here at Women’s Studio Workshop; the studios, the entire atmosphere, and especially the people: Tana, Ann, Chris, Anita, all the rest of the staff and my residency-mates and both groups of interns.  They let me BE, everything I needed to be.  I’d have loved it anyways, but I simply could have been in no better place at this time in my life, in so many different ways, on so many different levels.



I’ll be back: not only will I absolutely re-apply, I’ll visit again after I-Park, maybe spend the night nearby.  I’m lending WSW the cool fabric-cutting machine I bought with the beater until I head back to the Midwest for the season.  I also hope to return to teach…or for any reason.



Working here, watching the whole place click along and comparing it to the past, and having some very fine conversations, as well as having some things basically fall into my lap, both in upstate NY and back at home through Paul, has given me a glimmer of a direction. Being at WSW has helped me begin to connect the dots.


I am so grateful, and eager to see Paul, too.


(Fungus gifts from Lindsay above and from Tana below)