Swiss Army Subaru


…That’s what Paul calls my portable-paper-studio-in-a-car that is my normal residency load.  He’s suggested that I put photos of it on the Blahg for well over a year, but I’ve always been so focused on Getting There or Getting Back that I forgot to shoot it.  I remembered this time!  Though I didn’t bring some of my usual stuff to Women’s Studio Workshop, I did bring my collapsible air-drying rack (that, as Peter Schumann said, breaks down to become “a pile of sticks”), which gets bungee-corded in so it doesn’t hit the windshield if I have to stop suddenly. So, here it is; things missing that will go to I-Park in a week are a cooler full of pulp, a vat, and a retracting clothesline.  Things that are in this load that won’t go to the next residency are the art (which will hang in the studio till I’m back), my larger deckle boxes, with their pellons, sus and felts, quantities of raw fiber, and the 36 pounds of abaca half-stuff I bought with the beater..

I drove back from WSW in one go.  Traveling on the fourth of July was actually great; it seemed that most people were already situated somewhere for their cookout and fireworks and therefore Not On The Road, and even a lot of the truckers were taking a vacation day.

I stopped for two hours in Cleveland, which is the exact midpoint of the drive, where Cindy Barber’s lakefront party had already begun, and where I was treated to the (excellent) cookout portion; I got my fireworks continuously all across Indiana, where they are legal.  So, even the most rural farms were shooting off some major stuff, and I was surrounded by some fantastic displays.  I got into Chicago at a little after 1 am New York time, midnight here…and the fireworks, though ostensibly outlawed, were still in full swing.

Yesterday, a grand chill-out…I even took an afternoon nap (!)…and Paul grilled dinner.  Today, and the rest of the week, a lot of relatively tedious but necessary tasks are on my plate, along with some meetings, and a much pleasanter time hanging with Paul, seeing some friends and packing for Connecticut…where I will continue the smaller pieces that support and extend the work I made at WSW, and make  a prototype/ maquette for the big piece I hope to do at Ragdale.

2 thoughts on “Swiss Army Subaru

  1. Whew! That is great to hear about the drive back. I had been dreading it as much as a person could who isn’t even going on it. And it seems all of my favorite people drive Subarus and use them to their fullest extent!

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