a Show and a Show

Four Sexist Books

I post more Blahgs when I’m not in the studio, have you noticed?

It’s a nice cool drizzly day for doing indoor tasks today after yesterday’s out-and-about power errands and meetings, so I finally had time to peruse the huge pile of paper mail that accumulated while I was at WSW (after a quick rifling on Monday to pull out checks and other time-sensitive things).

Some of the best stuff: an excellent future show invite, a workshop inquiry, a hilarious “HOO-RAY” from overseas, an equally funny dis-bound book, some actual handwritten letters (!) and a pile of invites from a recent show I was in without knowing that I was in it, above.  It was at Zygote Press’s gallery in Cleveland. This tickled me, because the work is from 1987 or so, and so ancient that the edition isn’t even on my web site…another nice example of work going out and forming relationships of its own. (Thanks to Bill B – for both lending work from his collection and sending the invites.)

I did get to mix some pleasure in with my business yesterday; I stopped in to the Illinois State Museum Chicago Gallery to see this show.  Mostly I went because I absolutely had to see Riva Lehrer‘s juicy work, but I ended up enjoying the whole show.  If you’re in town, go; if you’re not, here’s a link to both a photo gallery and video tour.

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