Amusing Award

Apparently, I am up for  (name, title of award, and link removed, 8/1/09 ) award, as part of her exhibition, “(show title also removed, 8/1/09)” – which I haven’t seen, but find, um, amusing, given the venue.  You see, the show is about her confrontations with exactly the type of ludicrous, entirely partisan practices routinely employed  by corporat…oh, hell, let’s just leave it at that. I’m having too good a time right now to bother.  I’m certain she’s completely unaware of any stupendous hypocrisy.  In any case, you’d have to go there to vote. But thanks to whoever nominated me; that’s sweet. And absolutely hilarious!  (I have also asked the artist to remove my name from the event blog, and she has done so 8/1/09).

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