Luna Tune Two


So, I got so excited about finally seeing a Luna, and then heard from a friend from Vermont who said she used to see one every night in the summers, sometimes two.  Sure enough, there was a second Luna yesterday, hanging out all day on the wind chimes just outside the studio back door.  It was a different one; the first had some dings in his feathery antennae and this one didn’t.  This, I am comfortably thinking, is more abundance.  And I finally saw some eastern deer yesterday, two does in their sleek summer red-copper coats.  I came around a bend and surprised them. We stared at each other for two heartbeats and then they fled from my two-legged-ness, white tails waving.


During this production stage in my work, I take my walks in the early evening because I love the light at that time, and inevitably feel as if I’m inhabiting a Maxfield Parrish landscape each time I approach the house or the reflective pond; it’s the further abundance of tall tall oaks, maples, black walnut, beech trees, dwarfing anything human-made: utterly, absolutely peaceful.


(The house is two stories tall plus attic…see what I mean?)


(One of the residents, Jefferson, is out in the canoe in the upper right…)

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