Slow Arc


Ye gods, indeed.  The whole yesterday’s-blog thing truly upset me, and basically cost me an entire 24 hours.  I couldn’t sleep, was up till well after dawn, woke after a few hours, and had to deal with more.

To the uninvolved folks who luckily have no inkling of what I was talking about, I apologize, and also say: be glad. I wanted to get a message to a group of people whose makeup and size I can only guess at, and to blog that message was the best, fastest method of communication I could come up with.  I also personally needed to blow off some steam. I don’t like being blind-sided. I don’t know, myself, exactly what activities occurred to prompt some very strong words regarding what was repeatedly called a ‘situation’ nor even what the ‘situation’ itself was, and I haven’t been enlightened.  But I’ve exchanged a couple more mails with the person, and though we haven’t quite reached what I’d confidently call an understanding, I think it’s now been accepted that people did act on my behalf without my prior knowledge, and that I was not conducting some sort of sinister plot from behind the scenes, using my ever-present hordes of willing minions. I believe we’ve agreed to let it go. I hope so.

My message boils down to: “I love you all, and I thank you, but I need this to stop”. At this point, it seems to me like something that may have started in fun, as a somewhat pointed joke, but in some still-unexplained way, got seriously out of hand. That’s all I can (or want to) say of this chapter.

(Though, I am curious as to what in hell actually went down, and I hope some informed minion from the hordes will be willing someday to clue me in.  I promise not to behead anyone. In fact, I will buy coffee.)

In the afternoon, I finally got back to the studio and got 14 of the 15 (!) pieces I am making loosely configured, committing each of their parts to a whole, then mixed my test dyes, did a number of not-quite great tests, went for a long, muggy, buggy early evening walk, and found a second installation site I like better than the first, came back and did more tests, finally liked what happened, and am ready to mix up the large batches of dye and have at it in the morning, after I adjust back, hopefully, into a more reasonable sleep schedule tonight. I’m taking advantage of my current no-sleep weariness to blog and do laundry (Which makes me wish I had at least one willing minion around.  Once a week, even.)

After losing a day, it might be a bit of a crunch to get everything finished, so hopefully, there will be no more, um, situations.  One thing I’ve learned from this though: the equilibrium I was thinking I had regained so very easily is, in fact, still on a rather shaky foundation. More healing, or more time, is definitely needed to strengthen it, to smooth it out, to achieve that fine sweet balance in forward motion I’m seeking.


Two of our millions of wee tree frog neighbors, stuck to the side of the house. The green one is tinier than the brown one, about half of its size.   The hearing folks say they are collectively incredibly loud.

One thought on “Slow Arc

  1. I remember always, at some point (it might have been always during grad school), writing constantly in my sketchbooks: this ground is treacherous.

    It’s amazing how loud the tiny critters can be. I remember summers in Korea, and the insane buzz of cicadas – that I recognized from being a child there and never knowing quite what that racket was.

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