The It It Is*


*Title stolen from poet friend Smith, because I like it so much.  And because that’s exactly how I’m feeling / thinking, and that is Good.

Big gorgeous full moon out there tonight, and I discovered that I will not contribute an outdoor installation this time around.  Sigh. Not because of time constraints; I’d actually figured how to get it and the 14 studio pieces finished, and got a FedEx today to help with that. But, I was using paper for the outdoor piece that I’d made and shaped awhile ago, and brought with me.  (It was originally for another project, one that morphed instead into the big thing I’m hoping to do at Ragdale).  It seemed heavy enough to do what I wanted, but it was weaker than I thought, and started to disintegrate in the dye bath, which means it wouldn’t even survive till the end of the summer. So, no go.  I don’t want to do this as such a temporary piece.

I’m fine with that.  It wasn’t what I originally came here to do and  I’m not giving up on making something similar. I like the idea way too much, and that in itself is a fine thing to come away with.  I’ll do some outdoor tests over the winter at home, where I can watch it closely  (I-Park was going to photograph the piece seasonally for me).  Maybe I will even re-apply here with this piece as my focus. Best of all, even though the paper wouldn’t hold up to the elements as is, most of it was salvageable for indoor use.  Though I have no idea what it might turn into, I  really like the dye pattern that happened with it:


So, now I will still be working intently, but not insanely, for the next three days and I’ll have time for walks and breaks.  There’s a farewell dinner for us tomorrow (all we have to do is show up at the outdoor grill at 7:30), the exit questionnaires appeared in our mailboxes tonight, and we’re told that about 40 people have RSVP’d for the open studios on Sunday, with two more days left to make reservations.  And I will actually know one of them!  (Thanks, Karen!) I might even have time to do a lot of the packing before it starts, and leave early enough on Monday to make it to the daily WSW potluck lunch.




4 thoughts on “The It It Is*

  1. That is a great feeling to get to at this point. Yay for the time to be able to do what you need to and also have breathing space! [I keep wanting to express these things in Korean b/c the language is so much more precise and elegant but that won’t be helpful to you.]

    The dye accident is faboo!

  2. The dyeing is brilliant, in both senses of the word, and the fungus….

    All those small paper shells look like chips waiting for salsa — bet that project’s going to be spicy! 🙂

  3. I get that potato chip comment a lot – for just about anything made of air-dried, unbleached abaca (except for the highly phallic ‘stems’ for the mushroom books, which drew their own series of hilarious comments).
    I love working with the dyes – both because I love working with color (the painter background never quite left me) and because of the unique qualities it has on the translucent paper, which doesn’t quite come out in photos, sadly…the effects of layering, of light filtering through it.

    Thanks, all!

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