I’m all done!  And the work is installed on a 10′ tall, 8′ wide wall.  I really like it – but whoo, is it obnoxious!  It’s supposed to be, but I might have been a tad too successful at that, and will hurt peoples’ eyes. I’ll see it in daylight tomorrow and re-assess.  Could just be the studio lights, they’re kind of hot and yellowish.

I’m not posting photos yet, for a variety of reasons: 1. the entire piece isn’t here; 10 feet of it is hanging in an upstairs room at home, and 2. I’m showing it in Chicago this fall, and I would like a live audience to see it first; people who come out to support galleries should get the first take, I think, but I will post it to the web site right after the opening in early November, and 3. I’m not entirely convinced it’s done yet.  It may need some tweaking and / or a more toned down addition or two to allow you to rest your eyes. It’s a departure for me, and is Not A Book (or a Bok Choy, Aimee).

So, the above photo is a detail, but I’m not really teasing you.  Honestly.

I’ve been working hard and steadily for the past three days; of course, everything took much longer than I thought.  The final, final bits went onto all 14 pieces simultaneously for most of today, which was a a lot of fun. Then I had dinner, cleaned and rearranged the studio all spiffy for the open house, including a good amount of packing, and installed.  Then I messed around a bit, and actually came up with a possible new piece incorporating Roger’s snakeskin, the paper that wouldn’t go outdoors, a lovely dried turkey-tail fungus Anneliese brought me, and a book / hull I made at Women’s Studio Workshop.

I’m going to ask if I can stay an extra day.  Apparently, I-Park is unoccupied for the week to prepare for the two big environmental art sessions.  Anneliese isn’t leaving till Tuesday, so hopefully I can do that too, and she and I can hang out some more. I haven’t gotten to the Atlantic!  We want to go to Mystic harbor on Monday, where I can wave across the pond to Angus and Mrs. B on Lewis (Old Saybrook and Old Lyme-of-the-disease are closer, but that is Long Island sound, not the same.  I have no real desire to wave at Montauk, remembering exhausting family trips there). And then I can also build a temporary crate  and load Sir Baroo at a relatively leisurely pace. If all goes well, I’ll be relaxed, ocean-satiated, and will leave bright and early Tuesday morning, stop at WSW for an hour or two, and then head to Cleveland and spend a day; home for a week, and then Ragdale.

Right now, a glass of red wine.  Ahhhhh. Life is good today. Slainte’!

stewdy oh

A corner of the ready-for-visitors studio.  Below: I’m liking this…