I’m all done!  And the work is installed on a 10′ tall, 8′ wide wall.  I really like it – but whoo, is it obnoxious!  It’s supposed to be, but I might have been a tad too successful at that, and will hurt peoples’ eyes. I’ll see it in daylight tomorrow and re-assess.  Could just be the studio lights, they’re kind of hot and yellowish.

I’m not posting photos yet, for a variety of reasons: 1. the entire piece isn’t here; 10 feet of it is hanging in an upstairs room at home, and 2. I’m showing it in Chicago this fall, and I would like a live audience to see it first; people who come out to support galleries should get the first take, I think, but I will post it to the web site right after the opening in early November, and 3. I’m not entirely convinced it’s done yet.  It may need some tweaking and / or a more toned down addition or two to allow you to rest your eyes. It’s a departure for me, and is Not A Book (or a Bok Choy, Aimee).

So, the above photo is a detail, but I’m not really teasing you.  Honestly.

I’ve been working hard and steadily for the past three days; of course, everything took much longer than I thought.  The final, final bits went onto all 14 pieces simultaneously for most of today, which was a a lot of fun. Then I had dinner, cleaned and rearranged the studio all spiffy for the open house, including a good amount of packing, and installed.  Then I messed around a bit, and actually came up with a possible new piece incorporating Roger’s snakeskin, the paper that wouldn’t go outdoors, a lovely dried turkey-tail fungus Anneliese brought me, and a book / hull I made at Women’s Studio Workshop.

I’m going to ask if I can stay an extra day.  Apparently, I-Park is unoccupied for the week to prepare for the two big environmental art sessions.  Anneliese isn’t leaving till Tuesday, so hopefully I can do that too, and she and I can hang out some more. I haven’t gotten to the Atlantic!  We want to go to Mystic harbor on Monday, where I can wave across the pond to Angus and Mrs. B on Lewis (Old Saybrook and Old Lyme-of-the-disease are closer, but that is Long Island sound, not the same.  I have no real desire to wave at Montauk, remembering exhausting family trips there). And then I can also build a temporary crate  and load Sir Baroo at a relatively leisurely pace. If all goes well, I’ll be relaxed, ocean-satiated, and will leave bright and early Tuesday morning, stop at WSW for an hour or two, and then head to Cleveland and spend a day; home for a week, and then Ragdale.

Right now, a glass of red wine.  Ahhhhh. Life is good today. Slainte’!

stewdy oh

A corner of the ready-for-visitors studio.  Below: I’m liking this…


5 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. I am so sad that I won’t be able to make it! But so glad that you’re done; must feel great! I’m putting my money on the lights – I bet it will look way less obnoxious in the morning.

    I still can’t stop thinking about those sweet potato chips and other random Korean snacks that are shaped like that…yum.

    Have a faboo open studio!!! I’ll be thinking of you and your not bok choy.

  2. i’ve spent lots of time looking at and messing with lichens and fungi. your work resonates (over used word, but exact, this time) for me with all that “stuff”. love the snakeskin “abandoned” on your paper…

  3. Thanks, everyone – yes, Aimee was right, it did look a bit different yesterday, even with the lights on, with the additional input of daylight – even though it was a dark-ish overcast day.

    Linda, it’s not a so much a ‘real people’ thing as wanting to support the gallery myself, and it’s not a debut for the work if I post photos before the show. But mostly, I need to see the work all together in one place before I show it or post it. It’s been strange to work on one piece in two residencies, without seeing the first pieces as I worked on the second batch. There are (currently) 15 all together in the final installation!
    I am certain it’s not quite finished yet, and is going to need some tweaking to look (and function) the way I want it to.

    Velma, I’ve got the snakeskin packed! Yeah, fungi rocks. I want to see your Luna book, too.

  4. Yay! This looks wonderful, Melissa! I cannot wait to see it here in person. I am happy to see you doing something bright and obnoxious and will happily visit you at the opening!

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