I’m now slowly becoming adjusted to being home, and there are some surprises. Yeah, I’m currently still working on my upcoming deadlines (though I am also battling a strong evening tendency to want to watch too many movies since we discovered several channels we didn’t know we had access to on Paul’s cable, all but two of which run films 24/7). Still pursuing a number of ideas and lines of inquiry, and still making plans I don’t want to blahg about till they’re done deals.

But, I’m finding that not being immersed in the grind also makes me want to go out more, and, lo and behold, I am able to do that without compromising what I’m working on or cutting into the time I have to sleep.  I’ve been to a few openings, shows, visits, and dinners, and I Am Not Behind. Amazing! And I’ve done things like decide to take an afternoon to finish Audrey’s new novel, and I had the time. Today, just for the hell of it, I skipped out for a few hours and went down to the Pilsen Artwalk (an event I participated in for years when I lived there, but have never actually been able to see), and I discovered something else: even traveling around by el has an entirely different ambiance when l am going to or coming from someplace pleasant.

I can only vaguely remember such stress-free daily life, and I am, I repeat, amazed.  The city hasn’t changed, but my personal environment has.

(Unfortunately for the blahg, I’ve been operating in such a relaxed manner that I haven’t even been shooting photos, or I could have showed you some very fine things from today.  I didn’t think about the camera till I was waiting in the Grand & Milwaukee el station, but that will change now that I’m aware of it).

4 thoughts on “Detox

  1. We went through the same thing with movies all the time after switching to digital cable: I think that lasted three months before we had seen everything we wanted to catch up on. I’d be surprised if we tune in once or twice a week now….

    And like Smith said “ve haff vays to make you blagh….”


  2. Ah, but youse have all said that I blahg best when I am traveling or on residencies (and the stats seem to prove this as well). Bring it on!

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