Calm Before


The fall colors come with cool temperatures, which produce the dogball syndrome.


Earlier this week, the cool, often drizzly weather produced a similar effect on me, naps and actual healthy nightly amounts of sleep curled (not quite so tightly) under a quilt and fleecy blanket, but then last night, my body rebelled, and said: enough of this.  Two nights of nearly eight hours sleep produced rampant insomnia and I saw the dawn again.

I’m moderately busy but not with terribly blogworthy things: a great, laughing sushi-and-martini-a-thon dinner with three old friends, prepping for two shows, (a new one and another version of a traveling one), writing new class descriptions, beginning  some research and hammering out dates for many, many different things. November will be rather busier, it seems. I cleaned up the gardens and that yielded a good daylily leaf harvest (with more to come, as well as hosta; those plants do not require a beater to become viable pulp). Right now, we are also (finally!) beginning to Deal With This House, which has begun with Paul working simultaneously on his office and one of his storage areas. Said spaces have exploded to fill and / or block access to just about everything, including my upstairs studio, which gives me these few moments to blog about nothing.