Jen binding & schmoozing, doing both excellently.

Re: my recent lack o’ blahg: it seems I need to feel my way towards what to write about while in this somewhat slowed-down behind-the-scenes period. I’ll repeat that I’m truly enjoying a sane, steady pace for a couple more weeks.  It’s so…so…humane!

The house continues to slowly improve. Though, in planning in advance for some long-awaited rehab I want to undertake this winter, I was appalled to discover that several major walls are made of masonite, not drywall.  This explains the previous owner’s penchant for (but not the truly horrid taste in) wallpaper, and will mean more expense and time in terms of needing primer, but that isn’t really news, is it? Neither is the fact that Chicago jumped quickly to late fall on Saturday, and we turned the heat on this early in the year, along with the rest of the city.

I nailed down some classes and other things on my to-do list, but I’m still working on this (which I’m really looking forward to).  I solved a weird computer problem that derailed my MacBook for a day, and if you haven’t noticed at right, I set up a Facebook fan page for fast updates on shows and the like, and am planning a massive, much-needed revamp of the web site.  Still doing some tedious research, which will go on for months, and I gathered the parts together for a piece of portable papermaking equipment I’m tinkering with, in hopes of inventing something useful (if, admittedly, a bit ludicrous).  The next few days are for 2008 taxes, and then, finally: some extended studio time before my pace picks up in November.


Eileen, happy – and I hope proud!  She should be; this is a great place.

I had a lovely time this past weekend at Evanston Print and Paper’s one-year anniversary bash on Saturday, and a surprisingly nice time at a different meeting on Sunday.  It was surprising because the meeting was for a sad purpose; the unexpected pleasure came afterwards, from hanging out with a group of artists and craftspeople whose ages are within ballpark range of my own. My friends are from such a wide age range that it’s been awhile since that’s occurred. I’d  sort-of forgotten the easy comfort of being exclusively with chronological peers; there are things no one needs to articulate.

Here are a few shout-outs that have come in in the past wee while: one for Aimee (congrats!), one for Linda’s witty tree-garb, one for me, and one for Audrey, who’s off on her book tour now that it’s been released everywhere.  I can’t hear this video (except for the bits I can lip-read), but of all the promotion that I’ve seen in the past few weeks, I liked this a lot, simply because she’s so clearly enjoying herself.

Oh, and last but definitely not least – over in the blogroll, you’ll notice a new link to Quintan Ana Wikswo. She’s a writer, visual and video artist I met at Ragdale, whose blog I’m enjoying immensely.  This was the post that grabbed me initially, but there have been many more since then.