Speaking of Returns…


I rather love this poster.  Many thanks to Eileen at Evanston Print & Paper for creating it!  As I just wrote on my Facebook page, it keeps making me think of the scene in The Shining when Jack Nicholson hacks through a door with an axe, sticks his head through, and says, “Heeeeeeere’s Johnny!” with that wonderful, maniacal grin.  I was pleased and honored to be asked to be the first in a brand-new series of artists’ talks.

The pace is heating up as November approaches.  I wonder if I will miss the mild October (other than the back spasm, which is almost all healed now). Still, I’m glad I opted to do what I did: I tackled my home office, doing a quick and partial sorting-through of the papers; then I consigned them all to a donated 4-drawer filing cabinet (thanks, April), to be gone through during long winter evenings (and I have a kernel of an idea forming regarding the use of what will be copious discards).  I packed up the ancient PC and its plethora of peripherals; gave some away and found a recycling center where I can drop everything off once the old hard drive is returned.  I bought a nifty all-in-one wireless inkjet printer/ copier/ scanner that surprised me with its print quality for its price, and now have a fully functional office space again.  Whew. I’ve been knocking out the backed up admin in here for the past couple of days; about two more (hopefully less) days of that, and then: studio. I intended to show the lovely new office to you, but: for the first time since I bought it, both camera batteries are dead!  But now I have a permanent at-home charging location again, as soon as I find the damn charger.  That says it all as to why I needed this spot of practicality; I needed to re-create my own support systems.  Now, I’m baaaaack.

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