Watch it!


Abigail Uhteg was one of the two book residents at Women’s Studio Workshop while I was there; she and I shared the apartment above the studio building.  She was making a gorgeous edition of a book titled, “The Complex Of All Of These.” Fellow book resident Amanda Thackray named Abby the Studio Paparazzi, because she was also constantly photographing; often we’d see her working with one hand, and shooting with the other.  This is what she was up to, and I love it:

35 books, 3000 photos, two months. I love it so much that she gets an entire shout out blog of her own.  If you’re familiar with these processes, you’ll enjoy it too (check out the print-specific sewing), and if you’re not: welcome to our world. It sure makes me want to be back at WSW.



Abby’s lovely shot of my dye brushes.  I’m not posting the one of my ass.