Happy Samhain, Samhuinn, Halloween


It’s my new year’s eve.  Just getting dark here in Chicago, and a steady stream of kids (and one costumed Great Dane, who got a dog biscuit) have been coming to the door for awhile now. It’s cool and crisp, windy with scudding grey clouds and blowing brightly colored leaves: perfect.

I’m forgoing all parties, in preparation for tonight’s ceremony: many milestones to be marked, new souls to be invited to my table.  So very many endings, but even more (and much more profound) beginnings to celebrate tonight.

Earlier today, I was surprised by receiving a Samhain e-card.  I had no idea they existed!  I did a search and found a fair number; somehow this knowledge pleases me, even though they are as trite as any other, more universal holiday greetings. I decided to link to one for you all (because it wouldn’t embed).

Blessed be, and Happy Halloween.

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