Are We Having Fun Yet?


I am, actually (having fun)…but am also assuredly feeling a wee bit zippy.  October’s quiet, contemplative, organizational energy has given way to full tilt full speed ahead.  I’ve been in the studio the past few days, tweaking the work for Respite…and, of course, that planned work time was interrupted by sudden, unforeseen bureaucratic needs that stole an entire day and a half (sigh).  Today: finish two days’ worth of work in one day, pack everything up for the show as well as some stuff for Texas. Tomorrow: load up the show, drive to Vespine, unload, install, a quick dinner with friends, drive back home, finish the packing and Friday: fly to San Antonio.  And it won’t calm down when I return. So, while, I’m doing all that, if you are in Chicago:

Jerry Bleem, one of my favorite artists, has a new show up, which I’m determined to get to see when I return.  This time around, he’s using American flags rather than fish scales, termite wings, or postage stamps.   This weekend, RAR RAR press will be showcased at the MCA.  And Site Unseen is happening at the Cultural Center. Read this about curator Julie Laffin, one of my favorite performance artists of all time. I love her absolutely innovative solution to her current limitations.

(I’m sure, in addition to missing two of these great events, I’m missing other shout-outs, but: sorry,  I’ve got to get back to it!)

One thought on “Are We Having Fun Yet?

  1. good luck w/all the work!! and THANK you so much for the info on site unseen and the great article on julie. it’s incredible to think about how much she’s gone through since i’ve met her. but so happy that site unseen is still going strong.

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