So: There!

Listen, 2009, Melissa Jay Craig: 15 reconfigurable pieces,cast and hand-shaped abaca, this view approximately 12′ x 12′ x 2″

So, I’m just not a PR whiz. At all. For one thing, I got asked a million times this past weekend for for my card, and it simply didn’t occur to me till then that I’d neglected to make one for myself after I tossed the box of old faculty ones. (Fortunately, I’m quite Google-able). For another, I’m too busy on the next few things to get down to Vespine until maybe this weekend at the soonest, to properly document the show (or at least, as properly as I self-document).

But, Paul Germanos (who I don’t know) published three lovely shots on his Flickr site the next day (thanks!) of portions of my part of the show.  And, I have finally put multiple views of Listen, taken as each stage progressed, on my web site.  (Though, if you want to read what I have to say about the work, you should scroll down and do that first, before you click on any of the images, due to the quirky limitations of iWeb – see, a PR whiz would probably never use iWeb).

Now it can also be told: I didn’t want to publish full images before Listen was shown because it’s much easier to read when reduced to a photo. It’s configured differently at Vespine, and I have made some minor additions since the above photo was shot at Ragdale, but I couldn’t beat the lovely even natural light of the Meadow Studio.

Sunday’s talk was not the best I’ve ever given, though people said they enjoyed it. I was (and still am) feeling just a wee bit off, possibly from steadily consuming way too much sugar lately. There were many more cookies and cupcakes than people, but it was a nice number of folks for the space and it was wonderful to see several people I haven’t seen in a long time, and meet new folks, all of whom came out on a chilly, dreary Sunday.  (Thanks!)   Now: back to the basement studio, where I am gleefully conducting experiments.

3 thoughts on “So: There!

  1. BRILLIANT!!! we have been waiting so long for this shot! thanks for sharing. and i think you’re WAY better at pr than i am, so no need to knock yrself.

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