Daylight Savings Should Last All Year

It’s the time of year when we Midwesterners grasp with delight (and no small amount of desperation) at every scrap of sunshine we’re granted, something which is not present at all in Chicago today.  I had a pleasant goofy Triptophan Fest with Paul’s family, over-ate, recuperated and walked a few miles the next (sunny!) day, and yesterday, on the last day of the Respite show, I drove down to Pilsen (another sunny day!) to spend a lovely afternoon documenting, eating more lovely food and talking with Shawn and a few friends who stopped by the gallery…that rich, delicious, not always comfortable type of conversation that resonates long afterwards.  This morning, I worked on my photos and put up a web page of Respite. (Maybe that’s something comparable to daylight savings: artwork savings…the show can continue to exist, backlit on your screen).

The day before Thanksgiving, I found out that I’ll definitely be spending the winter at home. I had only applied for one winter residency, and, though it was offered to me with generous partial funding, it wasn’t the full fellowship I applied for, so I can’t afford to go.   I’m spending this grey day taking care of web biznizz, finishing off a fat pile of recommendation letters (that activity will carry over till Tuesday), writing new course descriptions, and planning some of what will be happening here during those winter months.  To that end, on the way home from Vespine yesterday, I bought a slide scanner to augment my all-in-one printer’s scanner,  for the re-vamping of the web site and the digitizing of great quantities of Too Much Stored Stuff.  (I still need to get a shredder). Tomorrow I take the show down, pack it securely and cart it directly to storage, and then finish more admin and prep for a crazy weekend coming up, with one event after another for three days in a row (most all of them great, fun things, but at a fairly frantic all-over-town pace).  Hopefully, there will be sun for some of it!

2 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Should Last All Year

  1. jealous of the convo! i miss that miss that miss it. and thanks for letting me always be part of that giant stack of letters. i don’t know how you do it all! and so well.

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