Well, I slowed down and became a whole lot quieter than I wanted; since early Friday, I’ve been down with what seems to have become an annual sinus–and-respiratory something-or-other illness. (Not surprisingly, last week’s activities included two long roundtrip journeys in the petri dish that is the el / subway.) I missed a planned round of openings and a performance I’d really wanted to see. Today, my head’s a little clearer, but I still predict the need for one or two extended naps, an advancement from the nearly constant sleeping of the past two days.  The only things I’ve been able to accomplish were to watch three movies, begin making a list for January’s round of applications, make some sketches for the studio time that will begin just as soon as I can stay awake for a full day, and to do some tests with the new slide scanner:



Unfortunately, it’s not a top of the line piece of equipment by any means, but the images, though not perfect, are a vast improvement over the ones I’d scanned with cantankerous and awful old lab gadgets a couple of years ago.  I’ll be able to add better images to my web site upgrade, and also will be able to get rid of huge, huge quantities of slides over the winter.

It also does a credible job scanning old scratched-up photos like this one I found in my home-office cleanup not too long ago.  I’m 35 in this photo, working at some task, as I habitually did, on the floor.  There’s a big, big box of photos in ‘the warehouse’ that I deliberately haven’t looked at for at least fifteen years; maybe I’ll scan those, too, though they could trigger nostalgia about having much less body mass and much, much more flexibility. I think it’s time for that nap.

3 thoughts on “Incubator

  1. working on the floor! hoorayz. at least you have the documentation. get better soon! though i think the rest is overdue and needed for you!

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