Search Me

There’s not much to write about during this interim between holidays; I’m struggling with some heath issues and trying to motivate myself to slog through a monumental pile of writing.  So, I think it’s time for a year-end wrap-up of Blahg search-engine terms. (I missed a lot of good ones before I realized that WordPress doesn’t keep them all, but instead does a summary; then I started saving them).

  • Jays eaten us
  • burnt mound
  • mist to matter
  • pictures of talking feathers
  • toools for handmade bokks
  • shopwindow forest
  • Common caterpillars to Lockport
  • My other paradise
  • Life elfride America shoes
  • Melissa Jay Wyoming
  • Shooti Chicago
  • Ball ofmoss intrees
  • Nice Bathroom
  • Gutpunched
  • alien feet over
  • removed college Horrible
  • Meridien jc
  • shaping feathers
  • i fog on 80 pa
  • aliens on weed
  • met art melisa a present melissa
  • 1990 found dic scale model b
  • Chicago yard weed
  • tree balls kill
  • grows in little balls
  • Melissa ignition
  • Medieval remains
  • the been kapoor
  • amish kapor
  • Mary J Blagh
  • another country
  • change Melissa Jay
  • pitchers of all kinds of round incubater

There were 63 searches for ‘art blahg’ and ‘the art blahg’, a lot of searches for specific subjects I’ve written about, and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of searches for me, including all these:

Melissa Jay Craig, Melissa blahg, melissa blagh, melissa craig studio,  melissa jay craig artist, Melissa Jay craig Book Art, Melissa Jay Craig sculpture, Melissa Craig fungus, melissa craig blog, melissa jay craig blahg, “melissa jay craig” blog, melissa jay craig bog,  melissa jay, photograph of Melissa Jay Craig, melissa j craig blahg, “Melissa Jay Craig”, melissa craig blahg, melissa jay craig blog, Melissa Jay Craig blahg, Melissa Jay Craig Blagh, the book art of Melissa, book art melissa jay cra, manifest: o melissa jay craig, melissa jc blahg, Melissa jay craig sculptor, craigblahg, blahg melissa. Melissa Jay Craig’s, Melissa respite, Melisa craig blog, Melissa Vespine, melissa jay craig book university washin

This seems a tad odd.  I can’t help but wonder who’s doing these searches and why…but I doubt that I’ll ever be enlightened. I guess I’ll go shape some talking feathers in my nice bathroom, or turn some mist to matter in my round incubator (or at least dream up a way to get my alien feet over to another country, perhaps to my other paradise).