Paperwhites, started 31 December ’09

‘Twas a quiet Hogmanay here, very intentionally and comfortably so.  Some long neglected home issues were finally taken care of as the year closed out, and that was very good, setting the stage for progress.  As midnight approached, I savored the final dram of last year’s bottle of insanely expensive good whisky, and then toasted 2010 with this year’s even more gloriously extravagant gift from Paul. Ahhhhhh…slainte mhor to you all for 2010!

The first e-mail of the year brought news of my long-awaited beater, with photos of its newly improved bedplate, which now has nine deeper grooves instead of six shallow ones.  It didn’t mention a completion date, but left me feeling good, knowing that when I am able to fetch the bronze beauty home, it will have been most minutely, conscientiously, generously restored.

Right now, in the earliest days of 2010, there is a significant and slightly cryptic internal sea change going on. I went through my list of applications, and eliminated a number of residencies that had earlier seemed quite appealing. For some reason, my instincts are still telling me to stay closer to home, or at least to leave myself open, and to only apply for a very few select possibilities.  I have no logical reason for this; it is an entirely intuitive action. This choice is, I admit, mystifying the conditioned, habitual portion of my personality, the part that urges me to always push, push, push. It’s pretty strong.  But lately, I am also hearing from somewhere inside, “You don’t need to prove anything.  Wait and see. ” So, we shall (all) see…

Why, if someone gives you a bulb-in-a-box, you should not wait for a ‘better time’ to plant it.  These things have their own agendas.  But there are two more un-prematurely ejaculated projections at the top…

3 thoughts on “0102:2010

  1. yay for the beater progress!! i have been thinking about you a lot; will send you a message to explain exactly. this post title is perfection!

  2. Hello Melissa! Long long time no chat!!!

    I would imagine that you are off today? Hope so anyway.

    My hearing became much worse as I had umpteen surgeries since I last saw you. Each time the pain killers, kill our hearing too. I did not realize it was so bad until a friend of mine who had just gotten a CI told me about them, and asked me to go and see if I am a candidate. I asked my audi and he agreed this time. I went to NYU Medical Center in NYC. They told me that I heard NO speech with my left ear, and that I was a candidate! Well, wasted barely any time, as soon as I had a friend stay over night with me the second night, and I was implanted 8/11/2008!

    I did not hear at first, but then my sound dial was turned down as it should NOT have been. Then I started hearing better. I hear speech much better with the CI and my HA.

    Now I am doing fantastically. I help Belleview Hospital, an affiliate of NYU, with their researching to get us to hear faster with our CI’s!!!!! I am proud.

    Unfortunately I had an appointment, and I told my friend doc that also does research. He JUST became a father of a son, and he totally forgot about me, so he did not ask the other docs if they needed me. So I just went home after my appointment.

    Then my leg broke as I was standing up putting on a pair of slippers so that I could take a shower!!

    How are you doing? How is married life? How is your job?

    I LOVED your pics. I love all animals and people, but also plants!!! Anything I can grow. I no longer have a yard, but I plant flowers in boxes and put them outside. I did nothing this year as I could not water them at all. I still have a bakers rake loaded with plants though. I especially love the one that my friend brought to me from her vacation in Hawaii. She brought me seeds that looked like jelly beans that were covered with fur that was red and green I believe. They grew into a huge plant with huge green leaves. I love it.

    Hope to hear from you Hon.


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