I’m still involved in the write-a-thon; today, it’s Application Land. I am truly, truly having to push myself to get through them. I sit here working, hours pass, and then suddenly I  realize how little I’ve done. Daily walks don’t seem to help, but rather, they result in sketches and studio ideas that I can’t get to till this is all finished.  It will all come to a crescendo in a few days, when I hit the shared deadline for most, with a few isolated February stragglers here and there.

Patterns I’m thinking of and sketching right now.

Last night’s farewell to Vespine was very well attended despite bitter windy cold; inside it was comfortable and warm in many more ways than thermostat degrees. The Vespine folks all looked great, dressed semi-formally in black dresses or suits; a proper sendoff.  I was feeling quite subdued, and couldn’t help wondering throughout the evening where and how this community will gather next, but: I never once wondered if it would, so that’s good.

This and this are now officially part of my summer. I’m excited over the newness of PBI, and SO very, very, very happy to be returning to WSW…I think it has already become another touchstone sort of place for me.  I’m eager to see everyone. And now, back to the grind. If you’ve got ten minutes, this video that’s flying around Facebook (another factor in my writing quagmire) is interesting.  I wish I could churn my apps out like this. Or, hey, even with 2007’s efficiency.