I had to take a break from the writing for three days there, so now am heading back to it with a vengeance.  There was a family emergency that needed input, and a flaring up of health issues lingering from – and brought about by – last year’s formidable stress. The good news is that, during the research I did over the past few days, I’ve discovered a way to deal with them that will not involve prescription drugs, nor the AMA. Part of it requires daily low-impact, gentle exercise, so I’m back to the Forest Preserve. I’m going out now for more – in 36 degree sun! – and then getting back to the deadlines.  When they are finished, Chicago will be in the middle of a January thaw. I’m looking forward to that and, at last, the studio.

I am still thinking of these patterns, or rather patterns upon patterns.

Attack squirrel. “Yo!  No pictures!”