Prepare to Inhale

It’s never over, but the first applications (and another slew of recommendation letters) are done and gone. The final push was hilarious in many ways, or at least is now that I am finished. 1. I finally completed a draconian academic job application which, if it had been printed out, would have been the size of a major suburb’s yellow pages. I uploaded the entire glut of documents, hit ‘send’ – and then (and only then) got an instant auto-reply: ‘The position is cancelled because of a hiring freeze. Have a nice career!’  2.  Between mid- afternoon, when I checked for image specs, and mid-evening, when I was ready to upload, a residency program changed its entire application process, image requirements, fee and the deadline I’d just managed to make. Hilarious.

Next up is finishing off my interview, which will be pleasurable. After that, one more academic application (a late listing that I am actually quite intrigued by), and – hooray! – the studio, to finish a piece for a show, and to make something for a birthday…and then it’s back to the February deadlines.  But now I have the CVs and powerpoints and statements and philosphies and blablablahs all updated, and this page made, so it will be easier. Right? I am thinking that the new website might look something like the portfolio page, though I am not sure about the type; it looks much, much nicer before it’s published. I don’t think the typeface changes, it just goes all fat.

Enough!  I’m off to a lavish ‘sushi night’ with my grrrlz, though this time we’re going for bulgogi and other Korean BBQ delights.  With alcohol. Definitely.  And then a stop on the way home to pick up one of my last-minute recommendation letters.

Bookbinding sewing samples by Betsy Palmer Eldridge. Sushi by Oysy.

7 thoughts on “Prepare to Inhale

  1. your new design looks great, works nicely. and the food looks too fun to eat! i admire like crazy all the hard work you put into apps and the rest. i get overwhelmed.

  2. I like the typeface a lot that’s one of my favorites and Im currently on a jag using that in my ads… I know what you mean about going all fat, Ive had that happen on web stuff, but it looks fine. I like it better than the papyrus, that font has been ruined for me thru advertising…every aromatherapy day spa joint uses it. This page looks classier to me. But the spacing is bothering me though, left justified inside a box leaving all that space to the right, i might try centering it and the stuff underneath. I cant wait to see the new site!

    • Good advice…you mean the ‘title’ box, right?

      Typography is the bane of my existence, I purely hate dealing with it, but we need it. I guess. Re: the font, I usually don’t like sans serif, but needed the simplicity for the dark background…this was the one I liked the best, because it has a serif-ish look to me. (When I first put the site up in ’06, ALL my students groaned, ” Papyrus!?!” but I’ve been too busy or lazy to do what I’m doing now).

      Thanks, I want a much cleaner, more formal look overall. Believe me, I can’t wait to see the freakin’ thing, either. I sure wish I could afford to have someone else do it.

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