Heal and Tow, ’round we go.

Chan ann leis a’chiad bhuille thuiteas a’chraobh.*

For days and daze now, I’ve been having this continual feeling of trying to run in deep mud; it’s probably just my winter cycle, but a tad oppressive, nonetheless. Progress is being made, but sooo very slowly, with setbacks abounding, a strange dogged forward, back, forward dance.

I ended up using an older piece instead of the (unfinished) new one for a group show entry, and am running later than I wanted to be for a few other things. Fortunately (sort of), the article that’s being written got broken into several smaller, more comprehensive ones, and I have a couple of extra days to finish the interview. My car got swiped again but I now have a brand-new tail light, and got the dimmed headlight fixed and a new battery in the bargain. My cell phone fell out of my pocket, and I had to re-trace the multiple steps of a busy, busy day, but I found it, some decent soul turned it in rather than using all its minutes.

On the other hand, in an obsessive push (and with inappropriate timing, likely) I got the entire new website mapped out, and re-wrote the front-page blurb and resume to put things into perspective, which felt very good.  But, when publishing the revisions, I somehow lost an entire web page (the site for the Respite show) which will now need to be re-built. I also dug deeply into iWeb, and learned exactly how to do what I want. But now I am a bit daunted by the task I’ve set myself. Days and daze of scanning need to take place. I will absolutely love it, when it’s finished, but I sure wish I could hire someone else to do it (to do a lot of things, actually).

I’m taking a break today, to get a badly needed haircut, and to get some equally required sanity in the studio. Then: back to the interview, the next deadlines, the site, and siting sitting sitting in front of this wee box.

* It is not with the first stroke that the tree falls.

Oh, and the Vespine folks got a well-deserved farewell…I hope to make it down for the last day of Retrospect.

2 thoughts on “Heal and Tow, ’round we go.

  1. thank god about the cell phone. i had the same experience, only w/a cell phone trinket, in korea, and thankfully it was right where it had fallen off (in a cell phone store).

    agh! website building/design/writing/blahblah is so tedious and mind-wrenching. kudos to you for doing it on your own!!

    you put it so well w/the running in mud image. staying in front of the computer, doing work, is some of the hardest stuff i’ve had to do (since every other part of me wants to bolt like a wild animal, far away from the task).

  2. don’t forget to give yourself a little credit for moving at all in mud. this week for me it’s been chocolate ben and jerry’s.

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