Limbering (after Limbo)

This is the first image I ever saw of the soon-to-be-mine Bronze Beater. That long green wire was the (scary) way it was grounded electrically. Yikes.

Earlier this week, I finally, finally, finally broke through a gargantuan writer’s block, which was (not surprisingly) centered around another academic cover letter and somehow extended to everything I needed to write.  This block was even more of a monster than the one I had for a similar endeavor exactly two years ago. In celebration, I decided to take Thursday off, and played around in the morning, and spent the afternoon and evening in the studio, just pulling sheets, making something for an old friend, thinking about my next piece, enjoying guilt-free free time.

Friday, the e-mail: “the beater will be finished today or tomorrow” and these lovely small photos, taken as its roll and bedplate were being ground in.  Hooray!

Today, off to Vespine to say my final farewell and pick up my piece.

Tonight and tomorrow: pack up the piece to immediately be shipped elsewhere, where it will soon be included in a fabulous online auction.  I’ll post a link when it’s ready, but plan ahead! You will be able to Buy This Book, and help fund a marvelous place —>

Also today and tomorrow: finish printing, burning cds and packing up applications and other things: massive mailing on Monday.  The rest of the week: big big studio revisions, receiving and storing all the work from The Leaf and The Page, and then: figuring out the logistics of the Beater Retrieval Road Trip!

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