February Syndrome

‘Tis the dead of winter; that’s always true of February, regardless of the timing of the solstice.  I am seeing, reading, feeling and even sometimes hearing February Syndrome symptoms everywhere from everyone I communicate with in the northern hemisphere.

Tuesday, left;

Wednesday, below right.

I wrote a blahg at midnight last night, and then decided it sounded waaaay too February to publish.  It boiled down to the fact that my personal February Syndrome is one of impatience. I’ve got a whole lot o’ balls in the air right now and all is moving forward, but so, so slowly.  All the things that must be done to keep all my projects progressing are very mundane at this point, and not blahg-worthy. So I’ll remind myself that getting any of it out of the way is very good and necessary, and I’ll get back to it.  Apparently, I want it all to bloom as fast as this Amaryllis is right now (and am in utter denial about the weeks it was just a slowly expanding stem). That’s my February so far.  What’s yours?


During a lot of this phase, I need to (still) stay basically glued to the computer, awaiting communications. While that was happening this week, I got some of the preliminary work on the web site up and published, all on the (boring) text-based section. I’m not at all sure these are the final page formats, but I needed to either publish them or leave it all offline.  iWeb contains many mysteries, such as photos that suddenly refuse to move on a page after they’ve easily been repositioned previously, and the captions on the two home page photos that look so different even though all the information (color, typeface, opacity) is exactly the same for each.  I can only do the best I can. The site now has a split personality, maybe multiple personalities.  Maybe that’s another February symptom.