DIY: testing, testing

Today we have *SUN* – so this will be a quick post. Must…get…outdoors. But I am continuing on with the web site, and am about a quarter of the way there. Most of the galleries, though they’ll be consolidated into a single source page from which you can open each, will continue to look like this (but wider). I feel that some works, particularly the books, need a different presentation.  So I’m experimenting with this.  What do you think?* I’ve tested it with Safari and Firefox on my Mac and Internet Explorer on Paul’s PC (which screws up my new temporary home page mightily, but thankfully only that page.  I think I know how to fix it). In any case, I now know why having sites made costs so much.

If you’ve noticed the stack of empty wine boxes on out front porch in the Amaryllis photos, they are for these great things that Paul builds from recycled materials:

The second one has temporary strings at the moment; adding an empty three-dram bottle of Springbank Old Malt Cask as a support made the entire thing too long for regular guitar strings.  Somehow that reminds me of working on the site. I’m pleased that we are a D.I.Y. nation at this address; nothing goes to waste, as amply evidenced below.

In keeping with that, I found an on-sale shredder a few days ago, and brought it home to begin processing fifteen years worth of teaching materials into a new piece, after scanning the things worth keeping. Shredding is curiously satisfying.

* I’m soliciting all kinds of feedback these days.  Not only did I also post the web page test to both my Facebook pages, tomorrow, I’m excited about meeting with some trusted friends to pick their very fine brains about possible situations involving the bronze beater.  Which I am not even ready to pick up until the weather settles down in the east.  Stay warm, everyone.

3 thoughts on “DIY: testing, testing

  1. looks like feb syndrome is not much of a problem in the home of much activity. about the pics above, i like seeing things big, your books are SO much better big and detailed.

    paul has a great sense of style! i love instruments, though i am not much of a music person and certainly can’t play anything. i love them as objects…. pathetic, huh?

  2. both web versions i linked too look great. definitely incorporate both.

    yea, webwork is real difficult unless you do like i did with agentofchaos and just steal, cut and paste and change the names of the innocent.

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