Though it doesn’t look like much, we had a bonafide snow day; Paul’s class was cancelled.  More snow all night and more tomorrow.  Since I did all my running around yesterday, I’m thinking: Nice.  It’s lovely coming down, though too fast and too fine to show up in photos.  But it’s there. Blizzards are much more agreeable than grey February gloom.

Something about a snow day lets me relax, buckle down and enjoy, no matter what I’m doing. I got tons done, including six class descriptions, laundry, more work on a long complilation document, several photo shoots, and I finally resolved the ‘your text is so hard to read’ problem on the web site, I think for good.  (Lots of the photos were of paper, so I could do this to improve the text). I tried this to try to respond to I-hate-video feedback, but I don’t like it, so I think there’ll be a compromise. And I added a page, and played around, too – though I’m not sure I like this, or at least not the fuzzy way it shows up on youtube:

Last but not least, I actually cooked dinner.  Snow days require good hot food. Now I’m working on a very fine bottle of red wine, blogging and not thinking about the fact that one thing snow days are not good for is retrieving beaters.