millimeter by millimeter

More progress on the web site; I reorganized the old galleries to implement the new site map, built a few more pages and I’m now at the point where the massive scanning and some re-photographing needs to take place, so I can make the new galleries. I also shot some amusing additions for the Strays page, because I am always asked if I make other kinds of books, though they’re not added yet.  I’ll be so happy when this is done; this, my dears, is work! Paul told me that when I’m in here dealing with it, I remind him of Lon Chaney at the organ in an old horror movie.  Um, thanks, Paul.

I have a date for beater retrieval! It had been receiving the benefit of even more conscientious restoration, but I’ll be heading east in just under two weeks, and am happily not renting a truck. After I learn the specifics of what is now a custom designed machine, we’ll remove the beater from its rolling stand, disassemble that, and it will all tuck quite nicely into my car. Between now and Road Trip Time, I hope to have the site squared away, as well as the studio.  That will involve cleaning out the disgusting ancient and infirm pulp fridge, disposing of it, getting a new mini-fridge, getting rid of some space-wasting things like drawers of type I’ll never use, building some shelves and –o boy – moving the 350 lb. guillotine.  I hope to be rewarded for all my efforts with decent weather, so that I can stop for some visits along the way.

Right now the CAA conference is and has been going on in the loop, but I’ve had no inclination to attend even the few things I thought I might want to make time for. (CAA = College Arts Association; it is to the content of academic art departments as the AMA is to the USA’s medical care, with every implication that comparison affords). Instead, I’m happily working away. And I have to admit that I’m very glad some of that work will now be physical, though I am not at all looking forward to moving the guillotine.