Re: do, new, think

This is my universe right now, though I will need to leave it for awhile today and tomorrow to take care of outside tasks.  Moving, tossing, re-thinking, anticipating, trying not to dwell on the fact that the studio is just…too…small. I had to thoroughly clean up the shared adjacent room before I began this in earnest, and I forgot to take ‘before’ pictures of the old studio organization. These shots were at the beginning of yesterday’s siege. I’d planned to be working  in the studio days and continue with the web site nights, but so far the type of energy required for one is not proving conducive to the other.

Two friends are urging me to apply for a residency I’ve always wanted to try, but that deadline may be too close.  I’m torn between the familiar and comfortable urge to escape and the increasingly un-ignorable issues and too-long-unfinished business of my home situation. For now, there’s only the  beater retrieval deadline. Back to it.

One thought on “Re: do, new, think

  1. funny to read this immediately after writing to someone about the work it takes to build a mill and how i don’t have that in me but hopefully will find it w/in me before i die! it’s too small now, but i think solutions will be riding down to you soon enough.

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