I was hoping to leave tomorrow for the Beater Retrieval Road Trip, but that’s delayed due to weather. Right where I need to go, there are winter storm warnings on the good route and travel advisories on the not-so-good one till late Saturday. So it looks like later in the week, provided my first Evanston Print class doesn’t run, and it looks like it won’t.  I had some company for the trip and now might not, but I’m fine with it all, just chugging along. And actually, I’m feeling a bit beat, so the delay is probably good in other ways.

Yesterday, I stuffed an amazing amount of insulation into an apparently huge unseen void, through a gap that I found near the ceiling when we moved the old fridge, and patched and painted a slim chunk of concrete wall (there were several deep drilled holes and cracks that cold wind came whistling through, also exposed by the fridge move).  I installed some wide shelving above where the guillotine was to go, and then a friend of Paul’s came by and slowly and comically, we got the guillotine moved across the room and into place. Our friend had to get on the floor and shove with his feet, because it kept overbalancing.  Then the men went out to a local bar they like (and I can’t stand) and I assembled and installed more shelving. Today I got the studio about halfway put back together, while running upstairs periodically to deal with travel plans.  And here I am.

The guillotine’s new home, shot last night.  Now there’s a ton of stuff stored above, behind and around it .