So…here’s the new, highly improved studio, frighteningly clean and organized, shot yesterday. Happily, I know it will never, ever be quite this pristine again. My goal was to get everything up off the floor (with the exception of the big tables) that isn’t plastic or on wheels and to get the things like my huge drying rack, that had been stored in buckets and bins on the floor, tucked out of the way and yet easily accessible. Oh, yes, and to clear off the workspaces. I have only one small area under the wood shelving left to deal with, and this area, once the fridge is gone:

The cabinet that’s up on the worktable will go on the wall where the fridge is now, and I will build a small counter next to the sink.  Here’s where the beater will live:

My fabric cutter now lives on the cabinet to the right, which is on wheels; yesterday I borrowed some really good safety goggles from Paul and attacked the overhead heating duct with a jigsaw, and installed the vent that’s sitting there in this photo, so dust won’t blow into the beater. Paul came up with a great idea for fiber storage that can be implemented when the snow melts, and will free up even more space. (Fiber’s currently in 3 big bins under the largest worktable).

I’m happy – I made as much space as I could and it’s vastly more efficient; enough to work with another artist, perhaps two if we’re making small sheets. (And it is actually clean, as in mopped even in the corners and everything…a real rarity, except for the parts that regularly get wet).

Friday through Monday went like this: work on the web site till I couldn’t stand to look at the computer anymore, then work on the studio till I got tired or spackle or paint had to dry, then back to the site.  Monday also brought show contracts (and hopefully resolvable fall show conflicts) and other admin that was added in; I’ve spent all day today working on those and polishing up a detailed, sourced and priced materials list for a big July class. Tomorrow: massive mailing of said contracts, pack and ship out some artwork, polish off a few more admin details, and begin prep for the road trip; and more work on the site.  I doubt it will get published until I get back, though; a day of scanning still must happen.  But the slides are all sorted and waiting next to me as I write. Thursday or Friday, hit that road!

Whoo!  So this is unemployment, eh?