Foggy, Soggy

…that’s how it is out there today. But at least it’s foggy and soggy and springlike, and things are poking up through the debris in my garden. (Like Velma said, that doesn’t mean we won’t have another snow.  I can think of multiple snowy Saint Patrick’s Day parades. But I get to ignore that possibility today).

I spent two days prying an amazing amount of pulp out of the wheels on the beater, then removed layers of rust with wire brushes and steel wool, then coated them with WD-40 and greased the ball bearings, so they’ll be protected, will roll properly and lock in place.  Then I cleaned lots more pulp off and assembled the base, and hit a brick wall; we need a third person for the next bit, to help hoist up the tub and hold it in place, while I scurry around underneath and jiggle the legs until they’re aligned enough to insert the bolts. (The beater’s a bit taller than the newer Reinas, and the bronze is heavy). Everyone is out of town or busy, so that will need to wait till tomorrow or Monday, when two friends return. All Monday, I need to be in a long meeting.

So, I got busy and planted seeds to start for the gardens and went grocery shopping and did other domestic things that we’re always a few weeks behind on; shipped out another piece to a group show, and this morning, decided to finish re-formatting the captions and publish the web site as it is now, reflecting all the work I’d done before the road trip.  I’ve been at it all day, and iWeb is just kicking my ass.  It’s refusing to include things I’ve added, and is completely ignoring some of the galleries; everything works and looks fine in the application, but just will not publish correctly.  Grrr.  I did enough fudging to make it acceptable, and am leaving it for a bit.  When I’m ready to do the scanning, I’ll go back to it, and re-build the galleries if need be.  Now, back to domesticity, and trying to not think about beating fiber!

These frustrations are minor compared to what some friends are going through; particularly someone whose partner is being deployed to Afghanistan. I’m thinking about you all.

(Next day addendum: I solved some, but not all of the problems by re-publishing the entire web site late last night).

2 thoughts on “Foggy, Soggy

  1. thanks so much for reaching out this morning. it’s crazy wet and windy and i barely got home, both via plane and car. it’s insane out there but not much better in here–soggy from sporadic crying whenever it comes. i hope you get more than just a 3rd person to help! the idea of holding that tub in the air…but what a dream to have it home!!

  2. melissa–reminds me of when my valley beater arrived and i asked for strong young neighbor men to help. it was a bit of a, as the army says, cluster fuck. i was grateful because i didn’t have to move it. windy here, but unlike at aimee’s, not wild.

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