Éirinn and Abaca go brách!

I’m beating my first batch of fiber on Saint Patrick’s day, which seems entirely fitting.  I’m starting with overbeaten abaca, because I’m so familiar with it (and because I need it!)  Everything looks, feels and (as far as I can tell) sounds exactly right. In about four more hours I will pour a sheet and will know what rate of shrinkage I have tomorrow morning. Wonderful!!!

The wearing of the green patina, as my personal St. Patrick’s parade swirls by.

Saturday, while working hard on the web site, I missed reading a volunteer beater help e-mail!  Alas, the window was only for that day, but I thank Mr. R anyways. So, Sunday was more work on the web site, which is working now except, apparently, via Internet Explorer (sigh), and I actually cooked our feast as well: corned beef & cabbage & leeks & potatoes, because Paul and I have radically different schedules today. Monday, a long day of meetings downtown amid green rivers and fountains, and then home. Kurt came by again to help, we got the tub up on the base, and I spent the rest of the evening adjusting and bolting it all together and hooking up the belt and turnbuckle and finding the leveling.  Yesterday, the beater and I had two great long visits from old friends, more exciting plans were made, and then I scrubbed out the tub and ran a load of water through, getting rid of all the carborundum grit and dried ten-year old pulp, adjusting and re-adjusting the belt tension while that happened. Finally, I put a full load of abaca to soak overnight.  And here I am.  I cannot describe how good this feels..it’s yet another long-held dream come true. But maybe my face shows it!

How I hear what a beater is doing. (And in this instance, how I discover I really need to get a haircut).

Pádraig meets Picasso.

2 thoughts on “Éirinn and Abaca go brách!

  1. HOORAY!!!!! i LOVE that picture of you w/the beater!! at long, long last. so excited to see how the sheet turns out tomorrow! i should start learning to “hear” beaters like that; it seems much better than having to listen with ears.

    my korean mom made corned beef and cabbage and potatoes two nights early but it was just fine by us!

  2. You look so darned happy in that picture — and it’s great to see.

    I do a lot of spinning and knitting by feel instead of sight as well: we all compensate the best way we are able. Isn’t it wonderful that human beings are so adaptable that way?

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