Over The Moon

Did you see last night’s moon?  I was out walking under it, but without the camera. It was  a perfect slim bright sickle, but a horizontal one, describing the bottom third of the circle, the whole of which was outlined by the palest tiny blue line here in Chicago. Yes. Gorgeous.

My test sheets are PERFECT.  Absolutely perfect rate of shrinkage and translucency! The one on the right is what I was shooting for; the one on the left is the result of yesterday’s beat. It’s a tad thinner, so it appears more translucent. The darker color is not due to the beater, but is simply the result of a different lot of fiber.  This batch of abaca will allow me to FINALLY finish (S)Edition.  I’ve had all the covers made for nearly a year, but had no beater access to make the last of what’s needed: 132 text sheets for 11 copies, and 66 larger, heavier sheets to make the final 22 stems. I have bleached abaca on hand, so I’ll beat up a pound or so of that and mix it in to lighten the color – it won’t be  the first time I’ve had to do some tonal fiber blending during this long project.  But, the shrinkage and texture were my main concerns, and those were perfect on the first go, and I am absolutely over the moon about my beater!

I’ve been so over the moon about fetching it and getting it set up that I’ve neglected to shout out about two important things from two very important places:

First: You can buy this 2009 book!  And, you can support the only visual arts residency program dedicated to women artists in the US by doing it.  It’s part of Women’s Studio Workshop’s annual online auction.  Bidding opened on March 15th, and continues through April 15th.

Bid early, bid often, please – if not on my piece, you have 65 other artists to choose from.

Check it out and get ready to bid HERE.

(So far I have no bids and I am (snif) devastated).

And,  if you’ve been reading the Blahg for awhile (thanks!) you might remember how much I truly enjoyed a transitional residency at Catwalk in June 2008.

I was over the moon (and quite a bit closer to the moon) about using this fantastic octagonal tower studio, four stories up atop a high cliff overlooking the Hudson River and the Rip Van Winkle bridge. It was this peaceful, lush environment that allowed me to develop the original sketches for LISTEN, and to conceptually solidify the series I’m currently working on.

Catwalk has just launched a brand-new website; you can read and see more about this beautiful and unique place, and about its founders, Purcell and Jim Palmer, who share their wonderful home with artists HERE. Congratulations, Catwalk!