Blue Lacuna

Yesterday, the (literal) bulk of the massive research project was finished, delivered and discussed.  There’s more that needs to happen, but it can now become part-time and I can resume my life. Saturday, I took a day off, but just couldn’t consign it to the basement studio. The weather was just too great, balmy, the skies a perfect, luscious blue, beckoning. I did a cursory spring clean-up of the gardens instead. Today, back to the studio and back to (S)Edition, another sort of clearing out of old business.

I have had no luck with the two new residencies I applied for. I’m fine with that; I want and need to learn a great deal more about making my home and home studios work for me, about ingraining my artwork into my daily life on an ongoing basis after years and years of concentrating the lion’s share of my work into intensive residency bursts. The bronze beater definitely adds to all the changes. I’m re-learning where and how everything fits together, and this will likely go on for a long while yet. I’m fine with that as well, but I am highly uncertain about where the blahg might fit in anymore.  Do you want to know that all the tritoma seeds have sprouted? I’m quite happy about that, but would I want to read about it on someone else’s blog? I’m honestly not sure. And that’s all I’ve got for you today.

4 thoughts on “Blue Lacuna

  1. i’m happy always to hear about anyone’s sprouting seeds (really! i am! ask a friend who has tiny tree seeds sprouting in philly), but i feel you on the “where does this fit into my life as my life changes” questions.

    i see signs everywhere with your name on them. too many to shoot!

  2. da blagh can be a nice way to document work in progress, though. and yes that is interesting. The teaser shots of listen, then seeing the whole thing together, for instance…or the test runs on the new beater. May your tritoma grow mightily!

  3. I keep wondering the same thing about my blog, which is probably why I don’t post more often.

    But yes, any news about “growth” — plant or human — is good….

  4. i just like stopping by and seeing how ye be…. if it’s seeds, then seeds it be.

    me i write about cars not starting, dope not bought, fame not formalized, finances unfinished, and cat carousing.

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