Closer to Almost

The studio doesn’t look quite so large with the drying rack up, does it?  I have just enough room to move around it on all sides, to lay out the delicate wet sheets to air-dry.  I ran out of pulp tonight with only 34 more ‘text’ sheets to go, put more fiber to soak and will have a reprieve from production tomorrow during the five hour beat. Then, it’s binding in the upstairs studio while making the sheets for and casting stems downstairs, for the next two weeks or longer (with a few breaks here and there for things like estimating taxes). I want to have (S)Edition finished by the end of the month. The best part will be seeing all 99 copies installed at once, at long last (watch this space)!  The other best part: I can then go back to making new work that’s asking to be made.

While I’ve been working this week, a strange desire has come over me.  I want to take a vacation; to travel somewhere with no agenda, simply for pleasure, for my own curiosity.  With my upcoming show and teaching schedule, it probably can’t happen anytime soon, but I’m going to keep thinking about it.

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